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10000 Rules




Playing 10000
10000 Rules

A dice game for up to 4 players,
10,000 is played with five ordinary dice.


3 of a Kind = face value X 100  (ex: three 4's = 400 pts.)
Aces = 100 pts. ea.
3 Aces = 1000 pts.
5's = 50 pts.
Straight (1-5) = 1000 pts.
Straight (2-6) = 1000 pt

NOTE: You MUST re-roll after scoring with all 5 dice.

Two options are set at game start:

bullet1000 points required to open:  Before you can begin accumulating points, you must have one turn in which you score at least 1000 points.
bulletExact goal required:  You must reach the set end-point (for example, 10000 points) by exact count.  You can not score more than the number of points required to win.

Once a player reaches the number of points required to win, everyone else has ONE more roll. After everyone is finished, the person with the highest score wins. You can quit at any time and take your points.


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