Club Owners






Club Owner Responsibilities


All club owners agree to uphold, incorporate, and abide by all IPlay policies and agreements to maintain club status with IPlay Online Games. 

IPlay will send notification to club owners notifying of updates via e-mail. 

Club owners are responsible for getting all updated information to their staff. 

Club owners take full responsibility for the actions of their staff and members while in IPlay and are responsible to uphold IPlay's policies within their lobbies. 

Clubs are private entities and as such, incidents occurring in club lobbies may be reported to IPlay administration, but will be the responsibility of the club owner to resolve.

Any club and/or staff member may be removed at any time without notice by IPlay Administration for violation of IPlay agreements and policies.


Contacts for Club Owner(s)/Seniors:

All club issues, suggestions or concerns should be sent via email.

Administrator:  CLAD_Puff clad_puffy@iplay.net

Contact Information 

All clubs are required to provide current contact information with the Club Liaison Administration Department (CLAD).  The following information is to be e-mailed in a timely manner to IPlay Club Administration at CLAD_Puffy

All seniors for the clubs will also need to have contact information on file in the event that a club owner is unavailable to be contacted.  A club senior is a white yang and is to be reserved for Senior staff.

A senior staff member is one who has earned the position and accepted the responsibilities that go with the position such as:

Making sure all events are covered on time in accordance with IPlay policies,

Covering events if the regularly scheduled TD does not show, handling and dispositioning of difficult players and situations,

Being available to interact with IPlay Administration with full authority from the club owners to make decisions on behalf of the club,

Following through with any decisions / resolutions reached with IPlay Administration, should such a situation arise through email and any other documentation deemed appropriate.


More information will be posted as it becomes available and is necessary.  Any thoughts, suggestions and ideas are welcomed.  Please email to cf@iplay.net
Coming Soon... Online submission form for staff updates.

Check back for updates and helpful tips and guidelines to make your home at IPlay a more pleasurable experience!



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