Lobby Commands






 System Operator Levels 




11 IPlay Owner  OR
Operations Manager . . . . . .
10 IPlay Administration . . . . . . . Full
 9 Club Owners/IPlay Asst. Administration . . . Full
 8 Sr. Staff  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Full
 7 Asst. Sr. Staff . . . . . . . . . . . Basic plus modes and kill
 6 Lobby Host . . . . . . . . . . . . . Basic
 5 Lobby Host . . . . . . . . . . . . . Basic
 4 Lobby Host . . . .TECH STAFF Basic
 3 Lobby Host . . . . . . . . . . . . . Basic
 2 Op in training . . . . . . . . . . . Basic
 1 Honorary Club Host also In-Waiting  for tech repair and or membership issues . Basic

All op levels have the basic commands available: 
op message, mute, find and action



 Lobby Commands 

All lobby commands are typed in the chat line of your lobby.  You will see this command on your screen but it will not be seen by others in the lobby in the command form.  Commands that may be used by any player or TD are the find and action commands.  All other commands are only for the staff members of departments and clubs at iPlay.

Command to type in 
chat line in the lobby:
What each command does:
#omsg username message 

#omsg tutti assistance needed in fruiti tourney

Sends a private message to the username listed and the system operators in the individual dept you are in.  You may also use this command to send a message to a player to let them know their match is starting, or return to the event lobby, etc.
#gmsg message
#gmsg  tutti is needing spades players to fill a table please in the tutti fruiti lobby
Sends a message to all global ops. This is best used when there are no known Opped ops in the MAIN lobby.
#mute username reason 

#mute tutti inappropriate language

Mutes the player and disables them from chatting in the lobby (note this will not work on a system operator).
#mute username 

#mute tutti 

Unmutes the player enabling them to resume chatting in the lobby.
#kick username reason

#kick tutti inappropriate language

This command will remove the player from the lobby channel.  When this is used please send lobby log to your club owner or/and to cactus_flower@iplay.net
#mode motd message 

#mode motd Welcome to the Sunday Smokin Spades Events! Sign up with your host TuttiFruiti

This command sets a message of the day that is displayed when the player comes into the room (note this function is limited to level 7 and above).
#mode trny yes/no 

#mode trny yes

This command turns the cheat on and off for the room you are in (note this function limited to level 7 and above).
#mode rank yes/no

#mode rank yes

This command turns ranking on and off for the room (note this function limited to level 7 and above).  If you use a ladder ranking such as Cases or MyLeague, your lobbies will not be programmed for iPlay ranking and this function will not be available.
#oadd username level
(NOTE:  Do not op anyone that you do not know or have their exact nick after they have fully logged in to iPlay at least once.)

#oadd tuttifruiti 6

Adds a system operator (note this function limited to level 8 and above and you may not op someone at a level equal or greater than yourself).  No nick is to be "opped" prior to that person fully logging in to the iPlay system.  Always make sure that the person you wish to op is either in the lobby with you at the time that you op them, or has logged in fully into a lobby and you have their exact nick including all underscores, numbers, etc.
#odel username 

#odel tuttifruiti

Removes a system operator (note this function limited to level 8 and above and you may not deop someone at an equal or greater level than yourself).


Displays a list of the system operators for the room you are in (applicable only to the lobbies you are opped in).  (note this function is limited to level 7 and above).
#find username 

#find tuttifruiti

Displays a message as to the lobby that the player is in or not on line.  Any TD or player may use this command.

example text in chat line:

 /me says hi

This command followed by your message will display the text in the lobby as an "action" in yellow text.  Any TD or player may use this command.

<username says hi>


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