IPlay's Club Administration department is happy to welcome our new clubs and leagues to IPlay, and to provide any training or support needed to ensure your events are not only successful, but fun as well.


The files below are provided for each club / league staff member.   These are the files our Club Administration staff members will be utilizing in orientation and training.   If you would like to set up a training session for any of these items, please contact the club admin staff or e-mail cactus_flower@iplay.net

Please download these files and save to a folder on your computer, or to your desktop, before your scheduled orientation/training.  Having the files on your computer and ready to set up allows everyone to jump right in and have fun while they learn.

Instructions to save files:  Right click on the download here icon and select "save" or "save target as" and navigate to the folder you wish to save the file to.




Assignment Sheet.txt

Text (.txt) file which opens with NotePad.  Save to your KeyExp folder.

KE Tourney Macros (sample macros)

Save to your KeyExp folder.

Keyboard Express Instructions

Word (.doc) file which opens with Word or WordPad.  Save to your KeyExp folder.

RTF Iptourney Rules (Sample Document)

Rich Text Format (rtf) file which opens with WordPad.  Save to your IPlay folder to be loaded into iptourney.
Sample Bracket Sheet Bracket sheet for up to 16 team event to assist in determining next round assignments.
Round Assignments Breakdown This table has been designed to help you determine byes and use of HLS (high losing score) in rounds to progress through your event.

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