Custom Cardbacks






Customized card backs are a feature offered to our clubs and players.  IPlay usually offers a variety of card backs for download.   Often special holiday collections are offered periodically throughout the year.   Your club or league can design your own custom card backs, and we will make them available for download on the IPlay website.


Custom card backs work in all IPlay card games except spades.  The card backs must be the same size as the blank card back provided below, 71 x 96 pixels. 

Cardbacks must be saved in .bmp format and be named "cardback.bmp" and saved into your IPlaynet folder, usually c:\program files\iplaynet.  Once your club or league has created a custom card back, use the file upload function below to submit it for review and posting.   All card backs must be suitable for all ages.


Custom Cardbacks

Right-click on cardback image and choose "save picture as" 




Once you've created your custom cardbacks, use the upload function below to send us your cardbacks.  They'll be posted on the IPlay site for download.





Name of Club/League


Name of cardback




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