"Where Everyday is Friday, And Every Night Is Saturday Night"

IPlay offers a safe, fun environment to socialize and play your favorite dice and card games. 
The players and staff at IPlay are among the friendliest on the net, whether you choose to play in a purely social lobby or any of our members, ranking or club lobbies. 


IPlay now works with Windows7 & Windows8

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You can PayPal money to ebay@iplay.net for any amount you can afford.

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Conway AR, 72032
Please make checks and money orders out to: Nate Martin DBA IPlay.net this will allow him to put them into his account since IPlay is no longer a corporation.

League of Champions Live Card Tourney 2014
July 25th - July 27th, 2014
Norman, Oklahoma
Call 405-579-4000 option 6 for room reservations.
Games played will be
Spades, Pinochle, Canasta, Euchre and 10000.


For MORE INFORMATION contact DJRex or SnowAngel at one of these email addresses

IPlay currently has staff positions available. 

To apply, fill out applications for
Hospitality, C.L.A.D., and Technical Support teams.

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Love good competition?  IPlay offers a full line-up of tournaments, as well as leagues for most of our games.  

Many clubs make their home at IPlay.

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To begin playing at IPlay you must download and install our software.  Once that is done, you can enter IPlay by clicking on the globe icon you'll find on your desktop.

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